Products we can provide
Jiaheng Chemical Fiber Company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, sales and research and development of canvas for conveyor belt. After years of development, the company now has 136 looms to achieve annual output of 15 thousand tons.
    • EP Belting Fabric

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    • EE Belting fabric

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    • NN Belting Fabric

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    • Belting Fabric

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      Professional production equipment
      • Warping Machine

      • 3.6m Wide Weaving Machine

      • Dipping Machine

      • Weaving Workshop

      • Ultronic Laser Cutting Machine

      • Testing Equipment

      • Testing Equipment

        About Jia Heng Chemical Fiber
          Jiangsu Jiaheng Fibre CO.,LTD is a high-tech CO., Specializing on belting fabric for more than 14years. With the capacity of 15000MT/Year,Now we are one of the top leading manufacturers in China.

          We have 3 warping machines,108weaving machines and 2 lines of dipping,the
          American dipping machine can make the width to 2.3M.The ultrasonic cutting machine made in France, can ensure the width within 1mm.With these advanced machines, we can produce better products with competitive price.